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Why should we use ISC instead of a local security company?
Labor disputes, plant closures, executive protection and workplace violence issues present entirely different security concerns for our clients. Conventional security companies train their personnel in the normal day to day security operations of the corporation they are paid to protect. ISC trains their Protection Specialists in disciplined, high-risk security operations often associated with labor disputes, plant closures, and potentially violent situations. A local security company cannot maintain a sufficient number of trained, available protection personnel to respond quickly to secure your facility, your executives, and their homes. Using local security companies to provide this service can be compromising because of the relationship these guards may have with members of the bargaining unit. They may be more sympathetic to the union than to the company they are paid to protect.

Why should we use an outside source to do our background checks when we can get the same information ourselves over the internet?
ISC does not use computer databases to acquire criminal information as these databases are only as efficient as the person or persons entering the information. A county may be back logged several months waiting to enter new information into these computer databases. The information is at the county courthouse but not entered into the databases used by most "background companies." ISC relies on real people doing real hand record checks at the county courthouses. This ensures the highest level of accuracy. The turnaround time on these searches is typically 24 to 72 hours.


What makes an ISC Executive Protection Specialist different from other security guard companies?
ISC Executive Protection Specialists have the training, expertise & experience to meet and exceed your protection requirements and expectations. Our EPS are required to be proficient in several areas. The qualify on a quarterly basis (4 times a year) with a firearm which is more than most local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies require. ISC Executive Protections Specialists are professionals protecting people and property from the threats and acts of violence in corporate America.


How soon should we start planning for a potential strike?
Proper planning for a potential work stoppage should begin at least 3-6 months prior to the contract expiration. This should begin by ISC conducting and preparing a pre-strike security survey which is conducted discreetly at your facility. This security survey will include ingress and egress of traffic, employee parking options, detailed post assignments, video and evidence collection procedures, a briefing for non-striking employees, and improvement suggestions on current security procedures.

Rarely is anyone failing our pre-employment urine test. We are cutting costs and this seems to be an expense we can eliminate. Why not eliminate this expense?
There is enough information available in magazines and on the Internet with detailed information on how long to abstain from using drugs to adding adulterants to the urine, which can mask drug use. Because your failure rate is so low means you are hiring “educated” drug users. After they pass your pre-employment urine test, they will start using again. You should consider hair testing for your method of pre-employment testing. Depending on the length of the hair, it will provide you with drug use information from 7 days ago to 3 months ago, indicating a life style, not how smart they are.

Workplace violence, increase healthcare costs, fraudulent workers’ compensation claims, and poor workplace performance, all have their roots in substance abuse.
It is reported that close to 75% of all drug users and 90% of all alcoholics are employed everyday. With new drugs of abuse being produced and used, and old ones rediscovered, only an active education and training program will provide your management with the information they need to make sound business decisions


What would make ISC a good choice for your strike security company?

ISC uses only state-of-the-art equipment including low light digital video and digital cameras. This equipment allows us to provide our clients with almost instant evidence of illegal picket activity. Our evidence is controlled and prepared daily for your attorneys and corporate executives.

ISC conducts drug tests and perform criminal background investigations on every Protection Specialist we bring on your site.

ISC can provide you with the necessary investigations sometimes associated with this type of assignment or provide other professional services that may be required.

ISC also provide personal protection and home security to your executives?
Our elite, full time executive protection personnel are highly trained law enforcement personnel.

Receive expert service from Illyria Security Co. personnel




Experience You Can Trust

Our reputation and record of successful security, investigations and judgement recovery speaks for itself.




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Our veteran law enforcement, security and investigative personnel are driven to get you the results you need at a price within your budget.




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You can be assured as professionals we will represent your case with utmost concern in maintaining your confidentiality and protection .

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