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You can be assured as professionals we will represent your case with the utmost concern in maintaining your confidentiality and protection.

Investigative & Consultation Services

  • Background Investigations

  • Pre-Employment Screening

  • Business Integrity Undercover Operations

  • Workers Compensation Investigations

  • Loss Prevention Consulting

  • Undercover Investigations

  • Business Due Diligence Investigations

  • Security Logistics Management and Intelligence

  • Secret Shopper Services

ISC provides clients with Special Investigators trained to conduct long term, covert investigations from within the client’s organization.

ISC agents are trained to recognize and submit unbiased reports to the client concerning any violations of corporate policies and violations of civil and criminal law that are being committed by employees such as:

• Illegal drug trafficking
• Substance abuse
• Theft and fraud
• Espionage
• Sabotage
• Discrimination
• Sexual harassment


Workplace investigations can be coordinated with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to identify employee drug use and target drug dealers operating on company premises. Every investigation begins with proper planning and preparation. We develop each investigation to maximize results and to insure the highest possible return on our client’s investment. With the client’s assistance and listening to their concerns, we gather information necessary to develop a plan and how ISC can successfully operate their investigation.

Background Investigations

Background checks are more important than ever to employers and ISC offers a full range of background investigation services to our clients.
Each year, businesses lose over $40 billion dollars to employee theft and dishonesty. A detailed review of an applicant's background can assist employers in hiring the best qualified applicants.

Recent litigation places the burden on the employer to make well informed hiring decisions thereby reducing the likelihood of negligence in hiring lawsuits. By conducting in-depth background inquiries on prospective employees, employers can diminish legal risks and improve the quality of their workforce.

ISC offers a range of background investigation services to assist management in the hiring process:

  1. Criminal conviction search

  2. Civil case file search

  3. Consumer Employment Credit Report

  4. Driving record search

  5. Vehicle registration search

  6. Reference interviews from past employers or personal references

  7. Education or credential verification

  8. Employment verification

  9. Social Security Number trace and verification

  10. Workers' Compensation search

When our clients have special needs, we can provide the resources and knowledge to solve the most difficult investigation.


We are engaged in offering electronic surveillance services to our customers that are mainly used to identify the incidents with the help of our expert detectives. The surveillance is performed on a person who we have kept a track on. These services are high in demand and are performed efficiently and effectively.

Surveillance/ Counter Surveillance/ Security Systems

These methods and systems are used to detect any offensive threats or potential dangers that are planned by any hostile individual or group. Security systems are typically closed circuit systems which utilize the latest in digital and analog technologies. The security footage may be viewed by a security monitoring company, on site at the video recording station, or on the internet with a private and secure web address.

TSCM- Technical Security Counter Measures (Bug sweeping)
The art of locating hidden, and sometimes in plain view, electronic listening devices. Some of our highly trained specialists can perform “detective sweeps” of your home, office, vacation destination, or vehicle. A physical and audio sweep is conducted. As part of a very comprehensive security package this asset protecting procedure can offer peace of mind that no one is listening in on important conversations.

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We Respect your Confidentiality

You can be assured as professionals we will represent your case with utmost concern in maintaining your confidentiality and protection.

Executive Protection, Patrol,

Investigative and Consulting Services


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